In the beginning.

Apple, Facebook, the Ramones, and.. University Tees?

Yep, UTees is among the greats with humble beginnings in a dorm room. Back in 2003, Miami University sophomores Nick Dadas and Joe Haddad were organizing a shirt order for their business fraternity. After paying too much for really crappy shirts and receiving terrible customer service, Nick and Joe decided there had to be a better way. So, like any good entrepreneur, they started their own company. Their vision was simple: to create the best custom apparel and promotional products company the college market had ever seen.

It took a few times to get it right (ask them about their Green Beer Day t-shirt debacle), but eventually, they nailed it. Because they were students at the time, they hired other students to help with sales and graphic design. This approach not only helped them win the Business Plan Competition at Miami, but is also the model still used today! College students working with other college students to make everyone's wildest t-shirt dreams come true. How's that for a happy ending?

Hi I'm Joe.

I'm the Vice President and Co-Founder of University Tees. For over a decade now, I've put up with Nick's big picture thinking and never-ending what-if's. I mean, how many ideas can one person have in a day? But, like any good duo (Batman and Robin, Wayne and Garth), we work together to make great things happen, and that includes making sure you have a great experience. If there is anything I can do for you, email me.

And I'm Nick.

I'm the President and Co-Founder of University Tees. Joe and I have worked hard to build University Tees into the top provider of custom apparel. Along the way, Joe has developed more processes and spreadsheets than Microsoft did during Excel beta testing. But, his eye for detail has helped us make sure we always get your order perfect. If you want to chat or have a great idea to share, shoot me an email.

Our Mission and values

Developing people and changing lives.

  • Deliver Happiness

    Each and every time we interact with our customers we want them to be delighted to have worked with us. Customers should always remember their experience with us and want to tell everyone they know about the level of customer service we provide.

  • Long Term Mindset

    The continued growth and success of University Tees truly depends on always thinking with the future as our point of reference and maintaining a long term mindset. In doing so, we are not just planning for tomorrow, we are planning for the long term existence of our company.

  • Continuous Improvement

    On the road to success there is never an end goal, just another stepping stone to continuous improvement. At University Tees, we pledge to continually develop every aspect of our company and always look for new ways to improve the status quo.

  • Passion & Enthusiasm

    By fostering a passionate and enthusiastic office environment, we will cultivate positive energy and actions which will directly impact our customers and business partners. By making our passion the lifeblood of University Tees, we will reach our ultimate goal of Delivering Happiness to our customers and team members..

  • Worthwhile Work

    University Tees fosters a unique work environment; each team member is consistently encouraged to further pursue his or her passions. Making sure each team member is performing work that is personally worthwhile is what keeps us loving what we do.

  • Fanatical Attention to Detail

    Fanatical attention to detail is how we guarantee a great customer experience and meet our customer's expectations. Any touchpoint from University Tees to our customers or prospects should always be double and triple checked for accuracy, and our identity as a company should always be clearly represented in everything we do.

  • Entrepreneurial Attitude

    We build a strong entrepreneurial attitude in our team members because we understand that no idea is a bad idea, as long as it's presented with sincere thought and logic. If a team member wants to pursue a new idea, they need to put passion behind it.

  • Welcome & Embrace Change

    At University Tees, we welcome all change while preparing for the future of the company. Whether it's being open to all new ideas or to the way we welcome new team members, being open-minded and accepting change is what makes our culture something special.

  • Resourcefulness

    Team members need to have the knowledge to know where to go with any questions they may have, but also the understanding that they need to be a resource for those around them. Working hard to personally answer our own questions first will help us grow and become more knowledgeable in the long run.

  • D.W.W.S.W.D.

    D.W.W.S.W.D. is not just a value we want to achieve with our customers, it's an ideal we want to encompass in all the relationships we have as individuals. Whether it is completing work for another team member on time, lending a hand to others when they need it or just living each day by our company's core values, we want to always Do What We Say We'll Do.

An entrepreneurial spirit runs through University Tees. Besides a good bowl of Wheaties, it’s what gets us pumped to tackle the day. In this spirit, we founded our sister company, On Point Promos, to provide the same service to businesses that University Tees provides to colleges around the country.

Want to know how a 6X fits? Well, here ya go. Did someone say dedication to customer service?
The UTees team snagged these benches, gave them a facelift and released them back into the wild! Why? Because we care!
All of our apparel is made right here in ‘Merica. And as you can tell, we’re proud of that
Yep, he loves University Tees. That means you should too.
Our very own Jono took a Red Bull™ to the face in 3.2127 seconds. I smell a challenge!
Giving high-fives in conference rooms is a regular occurrence here. Did we mention we are psyched about shirts?
Each year our top Campus Managers are rewarded with a beach trip. How’s that for motivation?!
Yep, even Spider Man applied to be a University Tees Campus Manager. (He got the job of course.)
We are ready to BBQ at any moment. In ‘Merica gear. Yes, we are very patriotic.
We pay our employees in pizza. No really, we pay them in pizza.
How fast do our presses spin? They’ve been known to reverse the earth’s rotation on a regular basis.
Road trippin’ in an RV to meet our Campus Managers is always a good time, but standing on top of an RV is even more fun.
We don't always sit in chairs at the office. But when we do, we sit like this.
We don’t always make resolutions, but when we do, we write them on signs for the world to see.
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